Places to visit on the French Side

Places to visit on the Dutch Side

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit



Marigot, the biggest city in the French part of Saint-Martin, is the place where the French spirit is most present. This is also where most administrations are.

The city has kept the traces of the past with its colonial houses but has evolved with the tourist explosion that the island has known for decades.

Marigot owes its name to the swamps that once found its geographical location. It is thanks to the production of sugar cane that Marigot became the capital of the French part.

Later, Marigot’s economy turned to tax-free trade with luxury goods and fashion.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit



Maho Beach is the most famous beach of Saint Martin. She is renowned for landings and takeoffs of planes. Maho Beach is located at the end of the runway of Juliana Airport.

This is, in its category, one of the most spectacular places in the world. At each arrival of large aircraft you have the impression that the plane will crash on you.

Do not forget to bring your camera.

On the right, Maho Reef has more than ten luxury hotels. This place is ideal for tourists who will find, casino, restaurants, bars and shops.
Maho Reef is available for your night lifes.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit

Orient Bay


Orient Bay developed with the law of tax exemption DOM-TOM of 1986, called Loi Pons.

Nicknamed the St Trop’of the Caribbean, this beach has become, over the years, the most popular place in the French for its parties and theme nights.

The practice of many water sports, such as kite, surf, jetski, windsurfing, parasailing is done on Orient Bay.

Orient Bay is not only a beach is also a village where you will find other restaurants with a variety of choices such as Thai, Italian, Spanish and of course French, mini markets and many local shops.

Ideal for a beautiful and magical holiday day.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit



Philipsburg, capital of the dutch part, occupies a narrow strip of land between Great Bay and Great Salt Pond. Founded in 1763 by John Philips, Scottish Captain of the Dutch Navy, it quickly became a bustling center of international trade. Two main roads cross Philipsburg – Frontstreet and Backstreet.

Jewelers, electronics stores or local crafts are available at duty-free prices. This is the kingdom of bargains. The development of its waterfront, with the construction of the Boardwalk, has allowed Philipsburg to become a favorite spot for tourists coming by cruise ships.

The wild beach, a few years ago, has become a place of relaxation and idleness. You can spend a day doing good business with the pleasure of the beach and the sun.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit

Grand Case


Grand Case is the most famous place on the island for its gastronomic aspects.

This fishing village conceals many different jewels of gastronomy.

Indeed, on the Boulevard de Grand Case, you will find a large number of restaurants. At the lolos you can enjoy a barbecue of chicken, fish, pork or lobster. Local musical atmosphere assured.

If you want a more gourmet dinner, you will have the choice. Many restaurants offer French or international dishes flavored with Caribbean flavors.

It’s impossible not to find the pleasure of satisfying your taste.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit

Simpson Bay


For many years the Simpson Bay lagoon was home to fishermen. Even though the fishing activity continues, Simpson Bay has become the tourist destination of the dutch side.

There are many restaurants with a variety of cuisines, bars and nightclubs, world-class marinas where boats compete in beauty and luxury hotels.

Simpson Bay has many casinos that attract tourists and residents.
Whatever you wish to do, you will find in Simpson Bay a choice of activities like nowhere else on the island.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit

Pinel Island


The Pinel Island faces Orient Bay. It is a small island which is accessed at the pier of Cul de sac by shuttles PINEL FERRY.

These shuttles leave every 20 minutes. It is a day offered to idleness, pleasure and tasting. On the program sunbathing, walks or diving.

Two restaurants, the Yellow Beach and the Karibuni, offer lunches with lobster and seafood.

To consume without moderation all day long.

Saint Martin - Sint Maarten - Places to Visit

Mullet Bay


Located between Maho and Cupecoy, Mullet Bay is one of the most popular beaches for tourists.
The sand is white and the sea is turquoise.

On the right side you will find a rather wild area, on the left side you can rent two deskchairs and a parasol for a very affordable price ($15).

Restaurants offer menus with local fish or burgers with fries.

If you want to try golf, an 18-hole course is right next to the beach.